You have the skills ‒ don't let a weak CV ruin your chances

Like performing surgery, flying a plane, and building a rollercoaster, certain high-stakes activities are better left to the professionals. So why would you risk your career with a DIY CV? To maximise your chances of getting a foot in the door and securing an interview for your dream job, it's prudent to consider enlisting the expertise of a professional CV writer. We've put together a list of reasons showing why some professional counsel is key to unlocking job search success.

You're not familiar with ATS requirements

The format you choose for your CV is of vital importance. Most CVs these days will be scanned  by an applicant tracking system (ATS) before a human ever sets eyes on them. The document you've spent hours crafting into a visual masterpiece might be rendered unintelligible nonsense if you haven't understood the formatting requirements. A professional CV writer will ensure that your CV not only looks professional, but will also be read correctly by an ATS.

You're focussing on the wrong content

A CV is not meant to be a life story! If you're the CEO of a global retail chain, does it matter that you were captain of the school cricket team 30 years ago? Sure, this example is a bit exaggerated, but you'd be surprised by how many professionals are overly sentimental about their career history. It's important to be selective about the information you include. Your CV writer will take the time to understand your ideal next steps and focus your CV on the relevant, important details. This includes writing a document which emphasises your achievements and the value you've added to an organisation, rather than simply reproducing a dry list of responsibilities.

Your CV contains typos or your English is poor

Nothing is more likely to turn a recruiter off than a CV ridden with errors – it speaks volumes about your attention to detail and your attitude to your work. If English isn't your first language or you're just not a confident writer, you can transform that all-important first impression by eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes. The easiest way to do this is to ask a trusted friend or relation to provide a second pair of eyes. Taking it a step further, a professional CV writer will not only check for mistakes but also ensure your CV is packed with high-impact verbs and keywords relevant to your target role and sector, making your language both error free and impressive.

You're not confident selling yourself

We're brought up to be modest – it's considered vulgar to boast and blow your own trumpet. But when it comes to writing a CV, you need to convince the employer that you stand head and shoulders above the other applicants. Suddenly, we need to boast – and do so without making ourselves sound like an arrogant fool that no one wants to work with. Your CV writer will be experienced in emphasising your skills, abilities, and achievements, showing you off without sounding overly boastful. They'll focus on facts and quantifiable evidence to demonstrate your abilities, letting your true value shine through!Next steps

If dusting off your CV and getting a new job is on your to-do list, it's seriously worth considering calling in a professional CV writer. DIY is great for greetings cards, gardening, and baking, but everyone benefits from a little extra help now and then, especially when the stakes are high. Purchasing a professional CV rewrite from TopCV will cost as little as £99, a small price to pay to ensure that you're well-positioned for success in your job search.

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