Is your CV giving you what you deserve?

Job seekers come in many shapes and sizes. From new to the hunt to seasoned searchers, or fresh out of university to experienced professionals, they span industries, interests, and passions. But what do they all have in common? One very important document called a CV.

When you look at your current CV, how does it make you feel? If you have a sneaking suspicion that it doesn't have the strength to help you achieve your professional goals, it might be time to explore new avenues on your way to success.

One route you could take: turning to the professionals. Before you dismiss the option, let's discuss. You're a master at _____ (insert your profession here) and professional CV writers are masters at making you and your CV stand out against other job seekers. You're looking to stand out, right? We thought so. Here's what a professional rewrite can do for you and what some of our past clients have to say about how it has changed their job search.

Save time

Writing, rewriting, searching, applying, crafting, editing, networking, interviewing ‒ there's a LOT involved in a typical job search. It's a full-time job. Whether you're currently employed or between jobs, you'll need to invest quite a bit of time in this endeavour in order to be successful. A job search can seem daunting and overwhelming. But the good news is that you don't have to do it all on your own. Investing in a professional CV rewrite crosses one very important item off of your job search to-do list, which leaves you time to tackle the myriad of other important job search activities.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"I got what I needed in an incredibly short period of time after trying myself for more than one year to tailor a perfect CV myself." - Gertrud K.

Get callbacks sooner

Technology: job-search friend or foe? On one hand, technology gives us access to millions of job listings with the click of a button. On the other hand, it has given us the dreaded applicant tracking systems (ATS). Unfortunately, if your CV isn't formatted for the ATS you may be harming your chances of selection. Luckily, professional CV writers are fluent in ATS; they know how this recruiting software works, which in turn will get your CV in front of human eyes – which might just lead to that coveted interview request.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"Having unsuccessfully submitted many job applications without landing a single interview, I opted for the full makeover from TopCV. Straight away the interview offers started to flow and within three days I landed a job." - Jaime O.

Land more interviews

A job search with no interview requests is like running a marathon with no finish line. You're constantly putting the hard work in with no victory (or relief) in sight. Does this resonate? If you're not currently landing as many interviews as you'd like, or if you're simply not landing the right interviews, your CV might be to blame. A successful CV must be properly optimised in order to land interviews, or you might just find yourself running on empty – indefinitely.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"Having signed up to have my CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile rewritten, I was incredibly impressed with how well the results vividly portrayed my professional skills and achievements. I have had three interviews within three weeks of posting my new CV, whereas prior to this I had applied for two months without one interview. I highly recommend such a professional, reliable company!" - Saadiq J.

Get the salary you deserve

Money talks. If your CV could speak, would it say you're worth a substantial salary? It's essential that your CV speak volumes about your accomplishments, otherwise, why would a hiring manager agree to the salary you really deserve? It's no easy task, we know. However, a professional CV writer is trained to articulate your worth, which in turn leads to higher salary offers.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"The results I received when I began using the new CV prepared by TopCV were outstanding. I got a new job two weeks after leaving my old job. I had so many job offers! I accepted an offer with a new company at the right salary, and am happy with my work." - Tali N.

Gain confidence

Confidence can open doors. Are you confident in your CV's ability to brag about you? It's not easy to shout about your achievements without feeling like you're being boastful - and that can feel uncomfortable. However, a professional CV writer is trained in the art of being your cheerleader ‒ they know how to brag about you in the right way. A new CV that shines light on why you're a superstar professional will give you the confidence you need to attack your job search head on and land the job you deserve.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"I was invited to five interviews within two weeks on the back of having my CV written by Isaac at TopCV. I went to three of them and accepted a role at a high profile company.

My new CV gave me the confidence to apply for roles I wanted. I have already recommended TopCV to two of my friends and I now look forward to taking the next step in my career." - Maria S.

Land a job faster

Short and sweet ‒ that's how a job search should be and what a professionally written CV can help you achieve.

Here's what professionals like you have to say:

"I would highly recommend this service to anyone searching for a new opportunity. The communication from start to finish was excellent and a very impressive rewrite of my CV resulted in interviews from my first applications and a successful job offer within a matter of days of using my TopCV product." - Rachel D.

Have you been avoiding writing your CV? There's a reason you may be finding excuses to do anything else but get the job done — it's not easy. However, it can be. It's as easy as working with the professionals.

Let the pros take care of your CV. Check out TopCV's professional CV writing services.

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