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Whether you listen whilst cooking, on your daily jog, or before you go to sleep at night, there's one trend we all love: podcasts. Yes, the popularity of listening to podcasts has increased year on year; in 2020, there were an estimated 15.6 million podcast listeners in the UK alone. If you're a fan of entertainment in your ears and you're looking for a new job, we have some exciting news for you.

There's a whole load of fun and informative podcasts for job seekers out there. These audio shows could help you to learn new skills, pick up some job-hunting hacks, and find the inspiration you need. Let's take a look at seven of the best options.

1. Career Tools

Winner of the Podcast Awards Best Business podcast 2010, "Career Tools" is a long-running podcast packed with stellar advice and resources. Think of this as an extended "How To" guide, including everything from how to say no in the workplace to how to present meetings on Zoom. For job seekers, there is also a number of specific episodes to give you a real edge over the competition. 

For example, "Google Job Search Tips" is a three-episode series that gives you some unique insights into how to find a killer role from the comfort of your own home. The series advises you to go beyond typing your job title and "vacancies" into a Google search. The presenters talk about how to identify the business you'd like to work for and learn how to network to start building meaningful relationships with the right professionals over the internet. As a bonus, the presenters also delve into how to use the right search terms to find roles.

2. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Despite the title, "How To Fail With Elizabeth Day" is an inspirational podcast that job seekers will love. Over the course of the series, the host takes time to celebrate the could-have-beens and, perhaps, should-have-beens. If you've lost your job, taking a moment to listen to this podcast series will help you to learn that failures aren't all bad. 

In each podcast episode, Day interviews a high profile person who "failed" at some point in their career. The guests cover the stories of how they almost made it and then explain what went wrong and what happened next. Spoiler: They all made it through, because failure is never the end of the story. Notable guests include Marian Keyes, Fearne Cotton, Emeli Sande, and Lily Allen. 

3. How To Be Awesome At Your Job

While you're searching for your next role, it could be the perfect time to upskill and take your work talents to new heights. That's where "How To Be Awesome At Your Job" slides neatly into the picture. Each episode helps you to hone a career-centric skill that will help you to excel in the workplace. 

One standout podcast episode for job seekers is "Mastering the 2-Hour Job Search That Generates Dream Interviews." The episode features expert and Senior Career Consultant Steve Dalton and offers a wealth of handy information on how to find the right roles online. Towards the end of the episode, there's a section on how to create a 75-word networking email for potential employers. 

4. Whiskey & Work Podcast

As both a Business and Life Coach, presenter Kelsey Murphy is in the prime position to dole out career advice. "Whiskey & Work Podcast" is both entertaining and educational, making it the ideal break-time listen when you're hunting for a new role. The career-focused podcast offers a variety of useful tips for those both in and out of work. These include goal-setting, motivation, and finding balance.

If you're currently looking for a new job without luck, give a listen to the episode "How To Find a New Job (When It Feels Like Nothing's Out There)." Aside from offering tips and advice on how to land a role, Murphy also dives into the difference between finding a job you need versus finding a job you love - and why you should strive for the latter. 

5. Switch, Pivot, Quit

Switching up careers and trying something new may seem like a leap. However, it doesn't have to be. "Switch, Pivot, Quit" is exactly what it says on the tin. This female-centric podcast looks at the intricacies of deciding to change your career and find something that suits your long-term goals. Host, Publicist, and Author Ahyiana Angel is regularly joined by leading experts for this insightful long-listen podcast. 

If you need a starting point, "Are You Job Searching Right?" will give you the job-seeking inspiration you've been looking for. In the episode, Angel speaks to Lauren Herring of Impact Group about how to find a job that is meaningful to you. The episode includes handy tips, such as investing in some short-term career coaching, and looking at example CVs before you get started. 

 6. Career Cloud Radio

Hosted by Justin Dux, "Career Cloud Radio" is a must-listen for any job seeker or professional thinking of switching careers. In each episode, Dux talks to an expert in the world of HR or hiring to give you specific insights about how to land the job of your dreams. The podcast's standout topics include helpful CV layout tips, how to handle salary negotiations, and how to knock any interview out of the park

For a first-time listener, give "Handling Hardball Interview Questions With Max Chan" a whirl. The episode covers a variety of the trickiest questions, such as "Tell me about yourself," that you're likely to come up against when you land a job interview. For instance, Chan covers how to answer the question "how do you deal with irate clients?" using the STAR method: Situation, Tasks, Action and Results. You can also learn about the STAR method here.

7. Find Your Dream Job

Complete with the fitting subheader "Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job," "Find Your Dream Job" may help you to do just that. The podcast sees host Mac Prichard joined by guest experts every week, talking on what it means to find the right role for you. From job-search inspiration to actionable hacks that you can try for yourself, there's something for every job seeker.

The "How to Virtually Impress a Hiring Manager" episode is perfect advice for our digital age. Appearing professional when your bottom half is clad in cosy pyjamas could be the key to success. In the episode, Shereen Rodrigue covers the basics of how to excel in a video interview, such as what to do about your background. 

Maximise your time!

Ready to get out there and find a new job? If so, listening to some of these podcasts for job seekers is a smart place to start. Add some to your favourite lists wherever you listen to your podcasts. The next time you have a spare 10 minutes, or even an hour, why not tune in and learn something new?

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