For some, Britain's exit from the European Union will kick off monumental life changes

Would you leave the UK for a new country because of Brexit and become a "Brexile?" 

We here at TopCV were curious, and recently conducted a study to discover just how many people would consider leaving the UK as a result of the country's exit from the European Union. 

The results revealed the potential for both job losses and job opportunities. 

Those willing to move out of the UK because of Brexit span industries

Our survey showed that overall, 15% of respondents would consider leaving the UK due to Brexit

The responses varied across industries, with creative jobs being most willing to leave the country.

The respondents with the greatest likelihood of moving are as follows: 

  • 25% of people in marketing, media and design 

  • 21% of people in science and education 

  • 18% in industry and construction

  • 18% in technology

  • 17% in project and programme management

Our careers expert, Amanda Augustine, notes that employers in industries where employees are likely to relocate will have to consider new and novel methods to lure talent to stay.

"We have some of the brightest minds and most creative agencies in the UK, so for a quarter of that talent to leave would be shocking. Hiring and retaining the right staff, even in the steadiest of times, can be tough. Employers will have to identify creative ways to incentivise their employees to remain in the UK – and quickly."

Opportunities abound

One thing's clear: both those leaving the UK and those choosing to stay should take the finalisation of Britain's exit from the European Union as an opportunity to re-evaluate their careers, CVs, and professional positions. 

We have advice appropriate for all scenarios:

No matter how you feel about Brexit or what your career plans are, TopCV is here to help. 

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