A professionally written resume makes you more hirable and better paid ‒‒ and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Deciding to invest in your career with a professional resume rewrite doesn't have to be an emotional call. A recent TopResume study of recruiters and job seekers lends data-driven proof to claims that purchasing a resume rewrite will not only help you find a job faster, but it will also make you a more valuable candidate (yes, we're talking salary) in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

While you can read the full results of the study here, we've put together the three most important takeaways you need to see today to learn why you shouldn't wait any longer to purchase your professional resume rewrite:

Find a job faster

Of the job seekers who purchased a rewrite from TopResume — spanning industries, experience levels, and geographic locations — candidates reported finding a job at a 32 percent higher rate than those who applied to roles with their self-written resumes in the last six to 12 months. Of those who wrote their own resumes, only 14 percent had secured employment in that same amount of time.

Not only that, but 68 percent of the candidates who had their resumes overhauled by TopResume also had landed their newest gig within just 90 days.

Increase your salary

The pool of recruiters surveyed for the study each possessed at least five years of talent acquisition experience and deep knowledge of the New York City job market. The recruiters were randomly divided into three groups; each group received a different version of the survey. In each group, the recruiters were presented with three resumes — one that had been professionally written and two that hadn't — for anonymous candidates, and then asked to determine a salary for each job seeker.

The findings were conclusive: Candidates with professionally written resumes were determined worthy to earn, on average, seven percent more than candidates with self-written resumes. 

Present you as an achiever

In a separate TopResume study of 379 recruiters conducted in 2018, “failure to demonstrate and quantify results” was found to be one of the most common ways job seekers miss the mark with their resumes. The download? Hiring managers don't want to bring task-driven employees onto their teams; they're looking for achievers.

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Of the candidates presented to recruiters in the March 2019 study, professionally written resumes received top scores 57 percent of the time for how well they demonstrated the ability to deliver results. Self-written resumes received top scores just 35 percent of the time.

The data is in, and you don't have to take our word for it any longer: A professional resume rewrite is proven to set you up for a faster, more lucrative job search. In just a few weeks, you can be confident that you've positioned yourself for success. Purchase your rewrite today.

Read the full survey here for more details on the results.

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