Get the answers to common CV writer cost queries

In today's competitive job market, a professionally written CV can be the key to unlocking career opportunities. But how much does it cost to enlist the help of a CV writing service, and is it worth the investment?

Read on to delve into the world of CV writing services in the UK, and explore the costs, benefits, and factors to consider when choosing the right service for your needs.

How much does a CV writing service cost?

A CV writing service costs between £50 and £250 on average. The price will depend on the package selected and the specific services included in each package. 

For example, entry-level services may be on the lower end of the spectrum, while executive-level services with extensive customisation or details from niche industries may be on the higher end or even exceed the average CV writer costs.

The differences between a CV writing service and a CV writer

A CV writing service typically encompasses a team or company that offers professional CV writing services. They may employ several CV writers, who can be either full-time employees or freelancers, along with support staff, marketing teams, sales teams, and more.

The costs associated with a CV writing service often reflect the overhead expenses and the expertise and quality assurance provided by the company.

A CV writer, on the other hand, specialises in CV writing. They can work independently, be part of a CV writing service, or do both. The cost of a freelance CV writer can vary depending on their experience level, expertise, and reputation in the field.

What does a professional CV writing service offer?

Professional CV writing services typically offer different types of packages. Sometimes, the more expensive the package, the more services you purchase. Other times, there may be a dearer cost associated with the requirements of a CV, such as for an executive-level CV or a CV for a niche industry.

TopCV, for example, has three CV-writing packages. To summarise:

  • Professional Growth package: An expertly written and keyword-optimised CV for £99

  • Career Evolution package: Everything you need to apply to jobs, including a CV and a cover letter, for £129

  • Career Confidence package: CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile created by an executive writer for £219

As expected, the starting price is modest and increases with additional deliverables and expertise.

How does the CV-writing process work?

The package includes a concise yet tailored experience to ensure the CV writer has everything they need to craft a polished CV that showcases your strengths and maximises your job search potential.

We can summarise the process in six simple steps:

1. Initial consultation and information gathering

First, submit your existing CV or provide detailed information about your career history, skills, qualifications, achievements, and goals. You may also need to complete any additional intake forms or questionnaires provided by the CV writing service to ensure all relevant information is captured.

2. Collaboration and strategy development

Next, the CV writing service will assign you to a CV writer who's most compatible with your industry and career aims. Expect an in-depth discussion or consultation session to clarify your career objectives and target roles. 

You'll then work together to develop a strategic approach for crafting your CV that effectively highlights your strengths and aligns with your career aspirations.

3. CV development and drafting

The CV writer will begin drafting your CV based on the information gathered and the agreed strategy. They'll use their expertise to organise and present your career history and achievements clearly and compellingly. They'll also incorporate industry-specific keywords and optimise your CV for ATS compatibility, ensuring it stands out to potential employers.

4. Iterative review and feedback

You'll then receive a draft version of your CV for review and feedback. You should provide constructive feedback to the writer, identifying any areas for improvement or additional information that should be included. Note that you'll likely have to supply your revisions within a set number of days.

5. Refinement and revision

The CV writer will refine and revise the draft based on your feedback. 

6. Finalisation and delivery

Once revisions are complete and you are satisfied with the final version, the CV writer finalises the document. You'll receive the completed CV in various file formats, ready for submission to prospective employers. 

Factors that influence CV writing service costs

TopCV is one of many CV writing services, and while there is a ballpark cost for writing a CV, the price tag will vary. Here are a few factors that influence CV writing costs:

Experience and education level of the CV writer

The experience and education level of the CV writer play a significant role in determining the cost of CV writing services. You would expect a higher salary as you move up the career ladder because of your high levels of expertise, and so would a CV writer. 

Highly experienced CV writers have advanced certificates and a higher track record of success. Therefore, it makes sense to expect to pay more for the services of a seasoned CV writer with proven experience writing CVs that yield results in the job market.

Complexity and depth of CV requirements

Sometimes, the complexity and depth of CV requirements impact the cost of CV writing services. CVs for people with extensive work experience, diverse skill sets, or specialised backgrounds may require more time and effort to develop, resulting in higher fees.

Similarly, people with unique or challenging career histories, gaps in employment, or career transitions may incur additional costs for the extra attention and customisation needed to address these complexities.

Additional services and add-ons

CV writing services offer a range of additional services and add-ons that can influence the overall cost. For example, TopCV's services start with a CV, progress to a CV and cover letter, and round off with a CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Other CV services can also include interview coaching or career counselling. TopCV, for example, has a sister brand, TopInterview, for these services.

Some CV writing services may allow you to purchase supplementary services, while others may include them by default. Regardless, adding the add-on services enhances the value of the CV writing package, but there will likely be a higher fee attached.

Turnaround time options

Different CV writing services offer different delivery times for the final product. If you're in a rush and need an expedited service, you can purchase a priority turnaround time for an additional fee. Alternatively, CV writing services may offer different turnaround time options with corresponding pricing tiers, allowing you to choose based on your needs and budget.

Industry specialisation and niche expertise

CV writing services operating in a specialised field or employing a CV writer who's an expert in a specific industry may charge higher rates. CV writers with expertise in niche industries have the insights and tailored advice that will contribute to the effectiveness of your CV. The premium price that can come with specialised knowledge is often worth it.

How much should I spend on a CV writing service?

There are plenty of benefits to paying someone to write your CV, but how much should you spend? You could spend nothing and write a DIY CV, but think of the time and effort that could take you, especially if you're not 100% confident in your abilities.

A professional CV rewrite is worth it. The value of using a professional CV writing service is second to none, as it always outweighs the cost. It increases the likelihood of capturing the attention of hiring managers and leads to more job interviews and job opportunities. 

In fact, TopCV is so confident in the ability of its CV writers that some of their packages come with a 60-day guarantee – that is, they will rewrite your CV for free if you don't receive two times more job interviews within 60 days after receiving your new CV. 

How to choose the right CV writing service

There are plenty of CV writing services out there, and if you're considering using one, you need to choose a service that's right for you. Here are a few pointers to consider when choosing a provider:

  • Evaluate credentials and expertise: Look for companies or writers with a proven track record of success, relevant qualifications, and industry recognition. 

  • Review sample work and portfolios: Request samples of previous work or portfolios (with redacted personal information) from the CV writing service to assess quality and style. This may be particularly helpful if you're in the C-suite or niche industry.

  • Assess customer success stories and reviews: Read customer success stories and reviews to gauge the satisfaction levels of past customers. Trustpilot is a handy website for this.

  • Evaluate pricing and service packages: Compare the pricing and service packages offered by different CV writing services.

  • Consider turnaround time and delivery options: Evaluate the turnaround time options offered by the CV writing service and ensure they align with your timeline and deadlines.

  • Ensure transparency and communication: Choose a CV writing service that demonstrates transparency and open communication throughout the process. 

  • Check satisfaction guarantees and revision policies: Look for CV writing services that offer satisfaction guarantees and robust revision policies.

  • Assess additional services and add-ons: Consider whether the CV writing service offers any additional services or add-ons that may enhance the value of their offerings.

  • Seek industry specialisation and expertise: Look for CV writing services that specialise in your industry or target job roles.

  • Compare customer service and support options: Evaluate the level of customer service and support the CV writing service provides.

The risks of low-cost CV writing services

If budget is your concern and you're looking for a cheap CV writing service, proceed cautiously. Here are a few red flags to be aware of:

  • Quality compromises and template-based solutions: Cheap CV writing services may prioritise quantity over quality, resulting in generic, template-based CVs failing to showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

  • Lack of personalisation and tailoring: Low-cost CV writing services may also offer generic CVs that lack tailored content towards your career goals and industry requirements.

  • Limited revisions and customer support: Some low-cost CV writing services may provide limited revisions or minimal customer support, leaving you with little recourse if you're unsatisfied with the final product.

  • Potential lack of industry expertise: Cheap CV writing services may lack experienced writers with industry-specific knowledge and expertise, resulting in CVs that fail to resonate with employers in your field.

  • Risk of plagiarism and ethical concerns: There's a higher risk of these low-cost CV writing services resorting to copying content from other sources or using unethical practices to cut costs.

  • Hidden fees and upselling tactics: Some “free” CV writing services may lure customers in with low initial prices but then tack on hidden fees or upsell additional services, leading to unexpected costs and a less transparent pricing structure.

  • Inconsistent or unreliable delivery times: Low-cost CV writing services may struggle to meet deadlines or provide inconsistent delivery times, potentially delaying your job search efforts and causing frustration.

  • Negative impact on job search success: Ultimately, opting for a low-cost CV writing service can negatively impact your job search success by presenting you as a generic candidate with a poorly crafted CV that fails to stand out to employers.

The cost of CV writing services is an investment of time and money, but the ROI is high. If you're ready to take the plunge and enhance your job search, submit your CV for a free review or learn more about working with a professional CV writer.

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