Your LinkedIn profile could help you land your next job

LinkedIn is a valuable channel for job hunters and recruiters alike. In 2020, 14 million job openings were posted, 122 million people landed an interview, and in 2021, six people were hired every minute on the platform. Indisputably, LinkedIn is helping the job-search market reach lofty new heights. But is it helping you?

Leveraging a LinkedIn profile writing service will elevate your online profile and could help you to become a LinkedIn success statistic. Need more convincing? Here are a few additional benefits and reasons why you should hire a LinkedIn profile writer during your job search.

You'll have more time to focus on your job search

Looking for a job can be time consuming. Keeping your finger on the pulse for emerging vacancies, filling in application forms, and attending interviews are just a few small but intensive parts of a job hunt. In fact, looking for a job can feel like a full-time position in itself.

Be smart about your resources - think about the parts of your job search that only you can do and what you can outsource. Investing in a LinkedIn profile writing service to spruce up your online profile ticks off an important item from your to-do list, so that you can focus on the essential items on your plate.

You'll wave goodbye to the stress of writing your own profile

Crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile is a tall order for the best of us. Not only are there several sections to fill in, from a headline and a summary to professional experience and education, but they also need to be attention-grabbing, unique, and detailed in the right way. It can be a lot of pressure!

Thankfully, LinkedIn profile writers are experts at developing your profile, keeping the process straightforward and easy for you. Once you've passed your professional highlights to a LinkedIn profile writer that has experience of writing for your industry, you don't need to do anything else except wait a short while for them to craft an impressive profile for you.

You'll have a stronger chance of being headhunted

If you want to use LinkedIn for your job search, the chances are that you understand that you can do more than apply for jobs on the platform. In 2020, 97% of recruiters and headhunters scoured LinkedIn looking for the top talent for their latest vacancies. But did they find you?

A LinkedIn profile writer will create a keyword-optimised profile for terms related to your career goals, increasing its chances of showing up in recruiters' searches. In addition, they will write an achievement-based profile, highlighting your skills so that your profile is top-ranked for job opportunities.

You'll have a professional and polished personal brand

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented social media platform dedicated to the modern professional. As a result, there is an expectation that your LinkedIn profile should be polished and complete – especially if you are active and connected with colleagues, clients, and brands.

Working with a LinkedIn profile writer will develop and elevate your professional brand and showcase your value. Wave goodbye to empty waffle and dry paragraphs and say hello to a slick and concise profile, guaranteed to capture attention for all the right reasons.

You'll show recruiters that you go beyond copy and paste

A common LinkedIn profile mistake that job hunters make is copying their CV directly into their LinkedIn profile or vice versa. While this is technically not an issue in the early stages of a job search, it could be once you submit your application. 

Copying your professional history across both your CV and LinkedIn profile is not necessarily bad, but it could suggest that you did not have the energy, ambition, and drive to give each piece of documentation the right level of attention. This could leave recruiters questioning your work ethic.

Hiring a LinkedIn profile writing service will nip this issue in the bud. They'll work with you one-to-one,to create a LinkedIn profile tailored to your career goals and will ensure it's aligned with your CV, presenting an engaging yet consistent narrative.

The benefits of using LinkedIn profile writers during your job search are extensive. If you want to take your job hunt to the next level, be smart about your resources, let the pros do what they do best and check out TopCV's LinkedIn profile writing services.

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