The grueling work hours, pushing yourself to the limit, and for what; we've all been there, working those menial jobs that have long hours and low pay.

Next time you think “this job is the worst,” consider these 10 jobs that nobody wants. While these jobs may be the least desirable to do, some come with a lucrative salary and benefits. Others are just undesirable and underpaid. Check out our collection of some of the worst professions.

#10: Whale Snot Collector.

Many people may not realize it, but marine biologists collect whale snot from blue and grey whales to run tests. This is a particularly dangerous job. No, the biologists aren't afraid the whales will blow their nose at an inconvenient moment, the danger comes from flying a small, propeller-driven plane over the whale as they, well, sneeze. They catch the snot and transport it to lab for testing and analysis.

#9: Forensic Entomologist.

CSI and Law & Order fans are no stranger to the extreme science of the crime scenes unit. They analyze smells, footprints, tire tracks and other evidence left behind by the culprits. Some crimes require a specialist to take the lead. Imagine being subjected to the smell of rotting flesh on a daily basis. Forensic entomologists often are called upon to determine the time of death.

#8: Roadkill Removal Specialist.

Cars and trucks drive up and down roadways several thousand times each day and it's no surprise that a few innocent critters are sent to animal heaven early. Who cleans up these poor creatures after they expire? Roadkill Removal Specialists specialize in taking care of business. These workers prevent further accidents, rancid smells and bacteria. Next time you see someone cleaning up poor Bambi, thank them for their contributions.

#7: Sewage Worker.

Though sewage workers are the ones who ensure our days are pleasant and waste-free, we walk past these special workers with barely a thought. Most sewage workers have it rough, but India's technicians are the cream of the crop. Sewage cleaning is one of India's dirtiest and most dangerous occupations. Some reports show more than 1,000 people lost their lives cleaning the sewers in India. Unfortunately the pay isn't that good either.

#6: Head Lice Technician.

It's devastating, time consuming, expensive and inevitable. Parents know that one day their children will contract lice and bring them home. Treatment and cleaning costs parents time off from work, extra money and a headache. However, those little creepy, crawly bugs don't stand a chance against the head lice patrol. Technicians delouse your child's hair, steam clean the home, and provide preventive advice. This job is a high earner as well. Technicians often charges $300 per head to pick nits and live bugs.

#5: Manure Inspector.

It's a dirty – and I mean dirty – job, but someone has to do it. Farmers know the most important element in raising strong, healthy crops is fertilizer. It helps speed up and ensure growth. Manure used to create fertilizer has to be inspected on a regular basis to prevent diseases and bacteria from entering the fertilizer. Manure inspectors dig through the poop, thankfully not with their bare hands, to determine the quality of each batch. Once the manure is cleared for use, they move on to the next.

#4: Port-O-Potty Cleaner.

Another dirty job is Port-O-Potty cleaning. Found on work sites, subway tunnels, bus stations and wilderness areas, these potties are one of the most popular “luxuries” for areas with no access to plumbing or temporary water outages. Cleaners actually have go inside the waste storage and clean it out. Yes, that's correct; cleaners have to work with other people's waste. They use high-pressurized vacuum tubes to suck the waste out of the container. Assuming all goes well, the job isn't so bad, until some waste clogs the tubes and they have to clean it by hand. They also have to sanitize the inside of the building, replace toilet paper, and empty the trash.

#3: Diaper Service Worker.

Environmentally-conscious parents have expanded the cloth diaper business. Unfortunately, cloth diapers are not so “disposable” and require manual labor to remove the waste. Parents who are concerned about the ozone, but don't want to get their hands covered in poo, can have someone else take out their dirty laundry. At Blessed Bums, they offer an organic cloth diaper service. Parents are given a pail liner that they can place their baby's soiled diapers in. When it is filled, they leave it out on the porch to be picked up by the diaper version of dry cleaners.

#2: Crime Scene Cleaner.

If you thought the forensic entomologist had a nasty job, there's another crime scene specialist who really gets down and dirty with the crime scenes. This part of the job isn't advertised because it lacks the excitement and intense suspense of the investigation. Still, someone has to clean up after the cops leave. Crime scene cleaners clean up blood, urine, tear gas and other potential dangerous elements. The worse cases are bodies that weren't found before severe decomposition set in.

#1: Motel Maid.

And the winner is of the worst professions are motel maids. Okay, we all understand motel maids are overworked and underpaid. How are their jobs worse that a guy who picks whale's noses for a living? First, most of our selection has tools to protect them and keep their jobs mostly sanitary. Maids aren't equipped with much more than gloves and some bleach. 

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