The popular platform offers more than just dance trends

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media channels, with more than a billion monthly active users to date. Whether you're a convert, have tried to avoid it, or have dipped your dancing feet into its waters, one thing's for sure: you've definitely heard of it. 

While it would be all too easy to overlook the platform as Gen Z's private party, it's also a treasure chest of valuable career advice – yes, you read that correctly.

Finding the latest career hacks, exploring new jobs, and making money with TikTok is possible. In the following guide, we'll show you how to get past the lip-syncing and GRWM stories and find the real substance here. Read on to learn the hashtags you can use and creators to follow to propel your career forward.

Get career advice on TikTok: the hashtags 

When on TikTok, scrolling through your "For You" page is likely to give you a rainbow variety of content. But if you're looking specifically for work-related clips, you're going to need to be more intentional in your search. That's where career-centric hashtags come into play.

You can use the right hashtag to find the content you're looking for. When you're in the app, simply click on the magnifying glass icon and get typing. Here are some of the hashtags you need to search for if you want to get the best TikTok career advice

  • #CareerDevelopment 

  • #CareerAdvice 

  • #JobSearching 

  • #JobInterviewTips 

  • #NowHiring 

  • #LearnOnTikTok

  • #Training 

  • #Leadership 

  • #CareerMode

Using these hashtags will help you find the best creators out there. But before scouring the site's videos for career advice, we need to share a big disclaimer — that is, just about everyone and anyone can create content on TikTok. That's social media for you. So, best to proceed with caution. 

If you find a creator using one of the above hashtags, take a moment to check out who they are. Do they have any qualifications? Do they work in HR? Is their content relevant and trustworthy? Look into their credentials and avoid simply taking their advice at face value. 

12 of the best career coaches on TikTok 

Speaking of credentials, are there career coaches on TikTok worth checking? Well, we're glad you asked! While using the above hashtags is one way to search for these gurus, you might want to head straight to the right pages. Don't worry, we've done the hard work for you. Check out these TikTok pages: 

1. Joanna Briggs 

A former HR professional and the founder of What Matters CIC, Joanna Briggs has a wealth of career know-how to share. Aside from her comedic POV skits about corporate life, she also serves up no-nonsense advice on how you can further your career and climb that ladder. 

On her page, you can expect everything from deciphering corporate jargon to navigating mock interviews and even exploring a series on corporate translations! Check out the following videos to get started: 

2. Vicki Marinker 

Next up is career coach Vicki Marinker. The former recruiter has taken to TikTok to share some of her tried and tested advice on how to get ahead. In each video, she shares short tips that can help you in all areas of your professional life, from mastering interviews to navigating the workplace.

If you're looking for solid career advice from a “been there, and done that” professional, look no further. Here are some of her top TikTok videos to kick things off: 

3. AdviceWithErin

Erin McGoff – or “your internet big sis” – is perhaps one of the most relatable career advisors on TikTok. And with more than 2 million followers, it's safe to say that she's also one of the most popular. The New York-based creator shares a selection of advice that you can apply whatever your career goals happen to be. Let's take a quick look at some of her most popular videos:

4. Sophie | Careers & Marketing 

Looking to break into the marketing sector? It may be worth taking a peek at Sophie Williamson's content. The creator offers a whole selection of bite-sized advice for marketers who are looking to take their careers to new heights. Topics range dramatically from workplace culture, practical interview techniques, and even potential red flags that interviewing candidates need to avoid.

Whether you're already working in marketing or newly exploring work in this sector, it's certainly worth taking a look at her TikTok videos. Here are some of our top picks to include in your watch list: 

5. Kennie | Career + Finance

Self-confessed “tech girlie” and career advisor Kennie Bukky might already be on your radar. The content creator speaks on the best job interview tips, how to find the motivation that you need to succeed, and even advice for changing careers. Following her is a savvy move whether you're looking to get that all-important promotion or try something new. 

No matter where you are in your career journey, there's something to be learned here. We've hand-picked a few of Kennie's most valuable TikTok videos here: 

6. Crystal Lim-Lange 

Crystal Lim-Lange is a big name, and not just on TikTok. The CEO of Forest Wolf, author of Deep Human, and career expert boasts an impressive background online and offline. On her TikTok channel, she shares a plethora of advice on networking, dealing with people in the workplace, and leaving jobs. 

Should you want to become more confident and learn from the best, look no further. Here are some of her best videos that will certainly leave you wanting more: 

7. Linda | MBA | SHRM-CP

When you're looking for career advice, it's smart to get it straight from the source. HR guru Linda Ohairwe has everything you need to know to take your professional life to the next level. Her videos cover everything from salary negotiation, job search strategy, and cover letter tips. Here are some of the videos you can start with when checking out her TikTok channel: 

8. Caroline | Career Coach 

Based in Central London, career coach Caroline Hickey offers “relatable career advice so you feel less alone in your career.” After working for nine years in Client Services and New Business for creative and advertising agencies, she decided to start sharing her knowledge with the world. 

A member of the UK Register of Career Development Professionals, Caroline is in a great position to be offering stellar career advice. Here are some of her most useful videos: 

9.  Shola West | Career Sis

Landing a media role is far from easy. If you're ready to give it a crack, “media girlie” Shola West can guide you along the way. Her channel has loads of advice if you're hoping to get a job in the creative fields. Whether you're looking for 9-to-5 truths, general career tips, or CV advice, she's got you covered. If you're ready to take a look, here are some of her best advice videos: 

10. Career Coach – Rachel 

Rachel Schofield is “challenging you to design and build the career you really want.” Aside from a selection of insightful videos on how to rethink your professional life, she also offers a bunch of other resources you can use. These include a worksheet on how to explore your passions, a career change guide, and a newsletter called The Rework. If you want to start learning from her, we recommend the following handy videos for you: 

11. Liora | Career Coach

If you're a queer, neurodivergent job seeker, Liora Alvarez is your go-to TikTok career coach. Her advice content is tailored to an AuDHD, LGBTQ+ audience. You can expect everything, from advice on your medication journey, to tips on approaching requests for reasonable adjustments at work, and ways to build your career confidence. Here are some of her top videos you should take a look at: 

12. Hanna gets hired

Hanna Goefft specialises in personal branding, mindset management, and careers. With almost 250K followers on TikTok, she's a big name in the world of career coaching. Her videos centre on a wide range of topics including how to deal with salary negotiations, advocating for yourself, and navigating the professional world. Check out a selection of her best clips below: 

If you're ready to take the next step in your career, you can tailor your online experience to deliver you handy tips. Following the above content creators means that your feed will be filled with insightful career advice… so why not get started now and tap that “follow” button?

TikTok for careers – FAQs

Did we miss something? If you still have some burning questions about how to use TikTok for your career, we've got you covered. Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

How else can I use TikTok for my career?

Apart from following the creators we've recommended here, you can also use TikTok to find career coaches that are specific to your industry. Experiment on possible hashtags and use the search function to find the right professionals within your field. 

Additionally, you can follow industry leaders in your sector. As TikTok is soaring in popularity, many well-known professionals share advice and insights on the platform. 

Which types of professionals can benefit from TikTok?

TikTok is filled with content from various professionals in diverse fields; so you're sure to find something helpful no matter your type and level of career. While it should by no means be your only source when you're job searching, don't make the mistake of overlooking the social media network. 

Additionally, if you're engaged in freelance work, you can use the platform to build your brand online, and showcase your portfolio to reach out to potential clients.

Can you do TikTok as a job?

The short answer is yes. Many people have built their careers around the platform, making money with TikTok by monetising their page's content. You can explore doing TikTok as a side gig while pursuing a full-time job.

Make the most of your social media time

Next time you're idly scrolling through TikTok, why not take the opportunity to gain career advice along the way? Making money with TikTok doesn't just come in the form of racking up followers and sponsored content. By exploring some niche hashtags and following credible career coaches-cum-TikTok content creators, you're sure to get additional insights for building a thriving career. There are hundreds more qualified voices offering advice on the platform, but our list above is a good place to start. Time to get scrolling!

From giving you job-search advice to crafting your standout CV, our experts are also here to help you out. Get started on your career success now with our free CV review.

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