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On the bus or on the train, sitting in the park, or even in the comfort of your own home, your smartphone can connect you to the latest tools and technology on offer. In addition to Googling any fact and interacting on Twitter during the job search, you can personalise your CV, upload it to an app, and send off a job application with the tap of a finger.

When it comes to your job search, knowing what tools are available will put you in a much better position to give yourself an edge. To help no matter where you're up to in your job search, we've gone through the best job-search apps for 2024, suited to aid you at every stage of the journey.

These apps offer more than just a digital job board. Knowing what jobs are available is one thing, but you also have to do your research, expand your knowledge of your industry, refine your understanding of what's on offer and connect with people to build your professional network.

You'll find job listings on most of these apps, but you'll also find much more ‒ quizzes, company reviews, learning content, networking tools, and niche job boards. Make sure you take a look at everything each app has to offer, so you can find out what's available and make the best use of each tool.


When you're looking for a job, there's more to consider than just the position that's being advertised. What is the company really like? Doing your research and finding out more about a business is an essential step in finding a job that's right for you - and hearing from the people who have worked there is a great place to start.

Glassdoor provides company reviews from members of staff, as well as salary information. The Glassdoor app will let you swipe through company info and find out what isn't publicly advertised, helping you to make sure you know what you need to know before you even send off an application.


There's more to finding a good job than just matching your skills and experience to the job openings you find. You also have to consider the culture and values of a company during the job search and discern whether they suit what you're looking for.

Figuring out if a company is the right fit for you ‒ and if you're the right fit for them ‒ can be a tricky business. The Good&Co app seeks to quantify culture fit with user-friendly quizzes, where you can input your answers and identify what you really value. As the app learns more about you, it uses the data provided to match you with relevant companies, helping you to find a job that fits who you are.


Staying organised is important in any endeavour, doubly so when it comes to your job search. The JobAware app makes this easier with inbuilt tools that allow you to prioritise your job searches and keep track of where you're up to in your job hunt. You can list jobs as "Dream Job," "Second Choice" and "Third Choice" and mark your progress for each job you've applied for and whether you're still researching, through to phone and face-to-face interviews, or all the way up to being hired.


Everyone knows LinkedIn; as the biggest online professional networking hub, it's hard to miss. If you're looking to connect with professionals in your field, find job opportunities, or advertise your skills and experience to the world, you can't go wrong with downloading the LinkedIn app. Connect your account to your phone or tablet and you can keep up to date whilst you're on the go.

LinkedIn is also a great place to search for jobs. It provides a place for you to put yourself out there and let recruiters come to you. When you're trying to land the job, having an impressive profile can make all the difference, so check out TopCV's professional LinkedIn profile rewrite service and consider giving your profile a proper makeover.


When you're looking for work, you want to be able to find and work through opportunities easily. The LinkUp app doesn't just provide a series of job listings ‒ it pulls job ads from company websites and links you straight to the companies advertising the positions. You can go straight to the source, getting in touch and sending your application directly to the company without having to research for hours.

Remotely Job Search

The Remotely Job Search app does exactly what it says on the tin. When you use this app, you can search and apply for remote jobs to land work from home positions ‒ positions that you can do from wherever you might be.

When you download this app, you can find jobs in customer support, design, development and more. Job search from wherever you are and find a job you can do from there too. Following the pandemic, many of us have been staying productive working remotely, and with many companies likely to continue that trend, you shouldn't have trouble finding opportunities. 


In the simplest sense, Slack is a messaging app. Many businesses use Slack to communicate within their company, but there are public Slack groups you can join as well. Some are based around a local area, some around a particular interest or hobby, and others allow professionals within particular industries to connect and network with one another.

You can download Slack to your phone and sync your account across all your devices, so you can be plugged into your Slack chats wherever you are. Search around for public groups relevant to your industry or to your area with a simple Google search. Then, you can start connecting with professionals who can help you find available positions and build your career.


Flexibility is a top priority for many job hunters. If you're looking for work that suits your schedule, the Snagajob app can connect you with hourly jobs to work when and where is best for you. The app allows you to search a map for jobs by location and distance and it has personality quizzes to help match you with the right opportunities.


The Zoek app has all the standard job board features, like alerts and advanced searches to narrow down what you're looking for, but there's more going on in the background. As you search for jobs and respond to the search results, the app learns what you're looking for and starts curating the selection of positions it sends your way. The Zoek app makes technology work for you in your job search.

Effectively use the best job-search apps

Making use of the tools and technology available can make your life easier and your job search more flexible, allowing you to keep on top of your job hunt whilst you're on the go.

Just make sure you don't get sucked into complacency. Even with the best job apps available loaded onto your smartphone, there's more to applying for a job than firing off 100 identical CVs and hoping for the best. You need to stand out by personalising your cover letter and tailoring your CV to fit each job you're applying for. If you need help with that, you can work with one of TopCV's professional CV writers.

TopCV's free CV review is another tool that can help you to improve your job search. Submit your CV here.

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